Melanie Bertoldi

Melanie has been writing for print since she was 11. Ever the wannabe- Woodward-or-Bernstein, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Northeastern University (2012). While she was in college, Melanie worked at Billboard, penning more than 100 reviews and stories for the magazine and its websites. She utilizes her extensive experience writing and revising everything from wealth management articles (snore) to young adult sci-fi novellas (Yaaaas!) in her present role as a freelance writer and editor. Melanie writes about music and the performing arts for Motif.

The Show Must Go On!: Tight Crew announce new date, location for prehistoric-themed event

In the wake of increased efforts to contain the coronavirus in our capital city, Tight Crew’s upcoming Jurassic Ruckus party has been moved. The prehistoric-themed celebration of music and rave subculture was originally scheduled for April 18 at Fete in PVD. Fortunately, the show will go on — in a major way! In a post […]

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Billy F. Gibbons, Matt Sorum, and Mike Flanigin to Headline

Three words: Ernie Boch Junior.  Did you just sing them in your mind?  If so, you’re definitely not alone. Although the Providence-born businessman sold most of his family’s third-generational car dealerships a few years ago, we can still quickly recall their radio commercials — and for good reasons. They proliferated local airwaves for quite a […]

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Coffin-Bangers: Tight Crew + RI Indoor Karting = “Monster” Halloween

Do you like scary movies? What about costume parties? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, pay attention! On Saturday, October 26, EDM event super-producers Tight Crew is throwing their annual Halloween blowout. The’ll transform RI Indoor Karting (RIIK) in Lincoln into a real-life Monster Mash. Mash-goers can rage from 8pm […]

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Equitable Extracurriculars: Budget cuts cut experiences

Anyone who has children or works in school settings knows that overall, today’s school children have considerably less options when it comes to extracurriculars than older people did when were were growing up. This begs the question: Do the after-school programs that are offered state-wide make up for scaled back arts and physical/health education, and […]

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Shakin’ Up the Cocktail Scene: Little Bitte’s garden-to-glass cocktails pretty up any party

Little Bitte (pronounced Little Bit-uh) Artisinal Catering is a garden-to-glass cocktail company that specializes in creating signature cocktail bars for parties and events. I recently spoke with Willa Van Nostrand, who founded the company in 2010, and we talked about travel, future plans and of course, flowers! Melanie Bertoldi: How did you come up with the idea for your business? […]

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PVDLoop Circles Back to Town

PVDLoop, the third annual Y2K18 International Live Looping Festival, is returning to PVD! This two-night, one-day, all-ages music festival will feature more than 25 local, national and international live looping musicians who will demonstrate, celebrate, educate and share their musical talents. “You’ve probably heard looping; you’ve just never heard it and all its diversity in one place,” […]

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