Spring Planting Guide: Adapted from the URI Cooperative Extension’s Planting Calendar

To start seeds indoors this spring, you will need small pots or containers filled with seed-starting mix or potting soil. With either soil, be sure to make sure the mix doesn’t become too saturated with water. They sell containers for starting seeds at the store, but you can save egg cartons and use those (just be sure to poke holes in the bottom of each egg holster to ensure proper drainage).

Consult each seed packet for specific instructions regarding how many seeds to plant and in what proximity to plant them within a garden bed. You may also want to label your seeds with paper flags or popsicle sticks, as they won’t begin to look like much until they have grown for a few weeks.

Finally, cover your indoor planted seeds with some sort of plastic wrap or sandwich baggies to retain humidity. You may remove the plastic once you see a seedling emerging from the soil. Hello, little seedling friends. Welcome to the world.