Lunar Notes

And Venus Was Her Name: Let the goddess of love bring love to you

Wondering what the stars tell you about your romance prospects? Venus is always the key when looking for romance and relationships. Where Venus is in the sky in relation to your Sun Sign tells you the best spot to attract what you are looking for. This year it is especially true as she goes retrograde and begins a new Venus cycle. From the beginning of April to the beginning of August she travels through Gemini. When she goes retrograde from May 14 until June 26, it’s a good time to review any existing relationship. Relationships begun during a retrograde period can turn out very well, but may evolve into something different after Venus goes direct.  Venus in Gemini is great for flirting and getting over the initial barriers in a relationship. With Venus, communication is the key, so get out there and communicate.  

Aries will find love in their own backyard. Someone in the neighborhood or someone they meet through a sibling, even a fender bender can result in romantic sparks flying.

Love pops up for Taurus while taking care of some boring banking and financial stuff. It could be in the workplace and might have to be kept secret. 


Gemini gets the gold star this year with Venus in Gemini for a prolonged period. Whatever can be attracted is attracted to you. You can find love simply by standing still.  

Cancer may discover love while visiting a hospital, a bank or a university.  Government offices may prove to be fertile ground for potential love affairs. This particular person will strike a deep chord within you. 

Romance blossoms for Leo through friends and acquaintances. A friendship may evolve into something more. A club, group or organization with like-minded people brings that romance to you. 

Romance for Virgo is very public and career connected. Mixing business with pleasure is not advisable, but may be unavoidable as sparks fly. Authority figures are attracted to you. 

Libra, as always, is in love with love. Look for love in a classroom, on a trip far away or in a spiritual setting. You attract folks with big ideas and deep thoughts.  

Joint ventures provide fertile ground in the hunt for romance for Scorpio. You’ll find someone who stimulates you intellectually as well as physically — a sibling of a co-worker, perhaps.

Many new and interesting people enter into Sagittarius’ life. Your problem may be too many choices. A hint comes from conversation and mutual interests.  

Capricorn’s daily routine, work day drudgery and exercise program provide opportunity for romance. Love is there right under your nose. It may be slow to start, but it will last. 

Aquarius finds romance doing the things that amuse you and bring you joy — the perfect activities to find that like-minded individual. Do what you enjoy.

Around the home is Pisces’ best bet. It could be someone working on your home. Throw a party and tell guests to bring friends of friends. Whoever that person is, they are not far from home.