Stop, Rock, and Roll

Welcome back to Stop, Rock, & Roll! Here are five local tunes to get you through the beginning of not only school, but the autumn season!

Balloon Thief – “Don’t Wanna Hear It” Recently, these Rhode Island punk legends not only went on a small tour, but they also dropped their first full-band EP. Opening track “Don’t Wanna Hear It” kicks things off with a quick drum fill before buzzsaw guitars fly in like fighter jets. Alien vocals and punchy bass give the track extra dimension. Anyone who is a fan of Aussie egg punk, the Ramones, or good music in general should check this EP out.

Appala’s Eclipse – “Look at You Now” Anyone who’s seen Appala’s Eclipse knows how talented they are, but on their first release since their debut album, they prove that they can go even higher. Gorgeous harmonies are introduced into the mix during the soaring choruses, and the musicianship is tighter than ever. Rock & roll will never die, and bands like Appala’s Eclipse are the reason why.


N. Peters – “Afterglow”
Local bass shredder Nick Peters proves with his debut album, All We Have is Now, that he can write a good song, too. The fourth track, “Afterglow,” is proof. Opening with punchy indie rock guitars at a fun tempo, the song is airy and takes advantage of space while never losing energy. Ethereal harmonies and light synths give the chorus an additional boost into the atmosphere. It’s a last glimpse of summer as autumn descends.

Vertigo – “Her Pulse is Gone”
After the heavy onslaught of their previous single, “B_1,” Vertigo decided to grow even bigger in scope. Featuring a gritty, fuzz-coated bassline, booming drums, and a guitar that feels borderline extraterrestrial, “Her Pulse is Gone” shows that Vertigo is more suited for the Amica Mutual Pavilion than AS220. With big things on the horizon for this group, their ascent is one of the most exciting in Rhode Island.

Orange Peaks – “Cookin’”
At first, the song almost sounds like a RHCP tune from an alternate dimension. Jagged yet funky guitars strut over drums that, despite the feel of the track, sound like they’re going all out. However, once the vocals and bass kick in, the song goes full metal, with drop D chugging combining with squealing lead guitar. The vocals are some of the most convincingly “metal” vocals I’ve heard in a while. In a state that has been known for its metal scene, Orange Peaks stands out.