Lunar Notes

Summer in the Stars: Ready for another shocking summer?

As the seasons change on June 20, Jupiter appears to stand still in the sky, ready to move backward (Remember, from Earth, the planets only look like they are going backward. In reality, Earth has caught up and is passing them in the cosmic dance around the Sun.). Mercury is poised to change direction as well. When planets slow as they change direction, the energy of that planet is accentuated. They stand up and out in a crowd calling for our attention. With Jupiter and Mercury prominent in the Solstice chart, we are warned to be careful in our judgments, to check our facts and not be swayed by hyperbole  The Summer may be cool and a bit windy. A strong hurricane season is indicated. Expect some shocking news over the course of the summer. It’s hard to imagine what, these days, would or could be considered shocking.  

The Full Moon on June 24, with Mercury direct, brings conversation and negotiation to the forefront. There is definitely a Venusian influence abroad. Diplomacy, arts, culture and yes, romance is in the air. Moon in Capricorn aids in manifestation of one’s dreams and visions. Stuffy Capricorn is really a very creative sign. 

July opens explosively with Mars kicking it off with an opposition to Saturn and a right-angle aspect to Uranus.  Mars is action. Saturn represents the status quo while Uranus favors kicking down the walls of tradition. Mars in Leo says, “Let’s stir up some shit.” Expect more than the usual fireworks on the 4th. The New Moon on July 9, with Sun/Moon in watery Cancer, finds Venus and Mars running together in Leo. A Cancer New Moon signals heightened emotions. Relationships do take on extra emphasis at this time. It is not without its problems, though. Venus loves to relate; Mars loves to go it alone. In Leo, they both want center stage. The lead-up to this Lunation may bring us some of that shocking news (thanks to the Mars/Saturn/Uranus configuration), perhaps having to do with transportation. 

At the Full Moon on July 23, the Sun has moved into fiery Leo and Moon is in Aquarius. While this Moon is more intellectual than emotional, Mercury in Cancer prompts and promises that folks are going to speak their feelings. No covering things up; whatever is on your mind and in your heart pours out. On the 28th, Jupiter moseys back into Aquarius and takes a hit from Mars in Leo. Mars kicks things off, prodding folks to action. A religious, legal or political debate grows heated. Stay out of it. No one is going to change their mind.

At the New Moon of August 8, the energy has shifted entirely again. It’s Leo time! Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Leo strengthens that Leo energy. Self-expression, self-confidence and a joy in life are Leo hallmarks. This energy encourages us to do what we love to do. Some iffy weather and earth-related events, floods, fires and other fun stuff percolate around this time. Time for some legal talk and negotiations on an international level.  

The Full Moon on August 22 falls across the Leo/Aquarius axis. Sun is in Leo opposing Moon in Aquarius. Both are at the critical 29th degree of their respective signs. The 29th degree is the transition point from one sign to another. A Full Moon at this degree signals a turning point as the energy shifts. Often there is a sense of urgency. At this Full Moon, Jupiter is in the picture while Mars and Mercury are prominent in health-oriented Virgo. Indeed, physical and mental health issues emerge — health equity, vaccines or other issues of public health. On a personal level, one might become aware of how one’s physical health is connected to one’s mental and emotional health.

As September opens, Mars is at it again. This time in Virgo he opposes Neptune in Pisces. Mars is fevers, Neptune in Pisces represents strange viruses. Hopefully we are out of the woods on that front. But Mars with Neptune is not friendly. This configuration combines oil, gas and explosives. Virgo brings in the agricultural. Floods and crop damage are a distinct possibility.  

The New Moon on September 6 with Sun and Moon in Virgo brings health, agriculture and the working class to the head of the class. During the Virgo season, whether we are dealing with the crops, the economy or arts and culture, the critic comes out and we separate the wheat from the chaff.  

The summer season closes with the Full Moon on the 20th of September with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces.  Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra have moved out of their comfort zone. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra; they are visiting in each other’s home and are not comfortable. The Mars principle of action is blunted. Venus, the social butterfly, cannot seem to get off the ground. Mercury in negotiating Libra, making a connection with Jupiter in Aquarius, has the potential to save the day. There’s an international flavor here, perhaps a summit of some kind.  

We live in a topsy-turvy world. During this summer season, be wary of allowing your emotions to override your intellect. Whether in a friendly debate or watching the evening news, be sure you have the facts. Know what really is, not what you would like it to be. The Moon, ruler of our emotions, changes signs about every two and a half days, so some days we’re up, others down. Through it all, remember to breathe and remember: This, too, shall pass.