Beach Reads for Fiction Lovers


View each season as a blank slate — a fresh three months to accomplish whatever is desired, a future filled with options, an adventure just waiting to happen, for better or worse. There is an aura of uncertainty that can be both exciting and terrifying.

Despite the unpredictability of what the summer may bring, here’s hoping that you find some time to hit the beach (or wherever your place of solace is) with a book. The following are a few suggestions to help enhance your summer.


Paul DiFilippo’s The Big Get-Even: This book will literally be a summer read for me, as it is next on my “to read” list, and I’m highly intrigued. This is a caper tale about a disbarred lawyer and ex-arsonist who come up with a scam to make $20 million. It’s hard not to get excited about a plot like this. I can’t wait to read and review this one.

Joann Mead’s Tiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes: This is almost the dictionary definition of a beach read. Mei is a Chinese researcher who uses sex appeal to better position herself in her field, which just happens to be biological warfare. She uses her skills in hopes of setting off a pandemic, leaving her rich in the process. This book is full of sex and violence, which I always assume everyone at the beach is reading about.

Heather Rigney’s The Merrow Trilogy: I’ve been singing the praises of Heather Rigney ever since I was drawn into Waking the Merrow, the first book in the trilogy that follows ultimate anti-hero Evie McFagan and her mermaid nemesis, Nomia. Now that the entire story has been written, I can finally recommend it being read back to back to back. This will leave readers no time to forget anything.

Happy reading!