Know Your Mom and Pop: TattooMedics

tattoomedicsEvery day, pretty much everyone on the planet makes enough mistakes to fill a swimming pool. Each one helps individuals grow, whether they want to or not, and while some can be redeemed, most can’t be erased, unless it’s a tattoo.

Richard Rosol retired from a busy pediatrics practice to become a full time screenwriter. In between writing scripts, he was keeping an eye on the tattoo removal industry, which was growing. He did some research and was intrigued by the storytelling that came with an individual’s tattoo, as well as the reasoning behind why a person no longer wanted a specific tattoo. The combination of these tales and Rosol’s medical background was enough for him to sink his teeth into the tattoo removing business, and he opened TattooMedics on March 17, 2015.

Rosol finds that removing tattoos is just as cool as tattooing, though there are differences. Laser tattoo removal uses focused light energy to remove trapped pigment crystals in the live layer of the skin (this is what makes the tattoo “permanent”). TattooMedics is the only shop in Rhode Island to use a PicoSure laser, which emits pulses that allow high energies to be delivered to the ink without releasing harmful amounts of heat into the surrounding tissues. This laser features the newest technology and leads to faster ink clearance with fewer side effects. The procedure takes an average of seven brief visits, though that could vary depending on the color and amount of ink being removed, the tattoo’s location and conditions specific to the patient.


I don’t have any tattoos myself (I’m horrible at decisions and take at least 10 minutes to decide which flavor of ice cream to buy, let alone choose something that will be permanently inked on my body), but I can imagine the first tattoo experience being one full of anxiety, butterflies and a bit of excitement. Getting a tattoo removed would most likely result in the same reactions, though probably minus the excitement. Rosol wants to make sure that his customers are comfortable and lays out what to expect during the initial free consultation. He is quick to point out that he is a licensed physician and personally performs the procedure. Using his skills as a medical doctor, he knows how to numb the treatment area effectively, which makes for a tolerable and easy procedure.

Rosol has a simple goal: To remove tattoos. He says that TattooMedics is a “regret-free zone” and says that “we emphasize leaving regret at the door and fixing the problem.” He enjoys designing and writing his own ads, but word of mouth (or skin) is his best way to get his business out there, helping him remove more unwanted tattoos.  He wants to make his customers happy so they will show their friends and even post their results and experience on social media.

Eric Figueiredo initially went to TattooMedics about a year ago, after having difficulties getting a tattoo removed using a Q-Switched laser.

“I met with Richard right after he opened and the consultation went great with honest answers and plenty of information of what to expect in the process,” Figueiredo said. “Between Richard’s great personality, the super clean office environment and the very reasonable pricing, I decided to go with him and was not disappointed.”  With that tattoo almost completely gone, Figueiredo is also getting other tattoos removed by Rosol, and even occasionally brings his wife and daughter along.

Aja Abramov, a registered nurse, is currently getting two tattoos removed at TattooMedics after not being happy with previous treatments from other places. “Richard has been nothing but professional,” Abramov says. “His bedside manner puts you at ease instantly. His use of the Emla cream prior to treatments makes the procedure virtually painless.” Abramov notes that the tattoos are almost gone after her fifth treatment.

Rosol does not cut corners, wanting everything he does to be top of the line. He uses the best and newest laser technology and a clean, modern facility. He takes pride in helping people get rid of something, helping them move on from whatever it is in the process.

“I feel successful the moment people make the decision to move forward on a tattoo removal,” Rosol says. “I can see the relief in their faces, that they’re finally taking control over a tattoo that’s had control over them, sometimes for decades.”

His tagline could be a mantra for his customers: “Stop hiding it. Start removing it.”

TattooMedics is located at 226 Atwells Ave in Providence. Office hours are Tuesday-Saturday from Noon – 6pm.  For more information, check out To schedule a free initial consultation, call 401-217-0077.