The ABCs of a Woman



You’ve been on my mind

Sister, we’re two of a kind

So sister,

I’m keepin’ my eyes on you

I betcha think

I don’t know nothin’

But singin’ the blues

Oh sister, have I got news for you

I’m somethin’

I hope you think

That you’re somethin’ too


You are something, more than something. There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet, words in the dictionary, to properly portray the power and persistence of the double X chromosome.

Awesome Amazons, Aphrodites

Blessed bohemians 

Courageous CEOs

Destined dynamites and deep dive diplomats

Experienced energizers

Fierce feminists

God’s gifts

Honorable hustlers

Implied igniters

Juicy joys

The keeping kind of kin

Limitless leaders

Mind-blowing mothers in a man’s world


This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world

But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl


We stand him up when he can’t do anything other than take a knee

We are the whoa in woman

We are the womb, a safe space in the face of honor killings, objectifying ooglers, constant combat, sex trafficking, marital rape and non-equitable pay 

82 cents for every dollar a man gets

59 cents if you are a Black woman

50 cents if you are a Latina

We sometimes have to yell into a void

Pursue when we are tired of trying

Take on responsibilities that aren’t ours

Run into burning, systematic racism fires

Even at our worst and perhaps the most dishonest place in our birthright, omnipotence oozes from our perfect, passionate pores.

We are the glue, fuel, key, the drumbeat for the best rap battle. 

We are the push and the pull an elastic, safety pin and paper clip – sometimes all at one

We are the needed vaccine

We bind what is broken with body, soul and bridge building bravery and beauty

We get it done, sometimes with a smize, wink, sashay or hair toss while surpassing the odds.

There are indeed not enough words to eloquently explain the exquisiteness of an effeminate

Notorious notables

Opulent optimists

Poised packages, princesses

Quintessential queens

Righteous resonators and responsible rock stars

Scintillating sisters

Tenacious, timeless teachers

Uplifting unicorns

Vivacious victors

Woke warriors

Exceptional extraordinaries

Yelp-worthy yen

Zealous zeniths

Zeniths that illuminate with the brightest bulbs and most significant superstars. Strong winds can’t break us. 


I’m every woman, it’s all in me

Anything you want done, baby

I’ll do it naturally

I’m every woman, it’s all in me

I can read your thoughts right now

Every one from A to Z

Whoa, whoa whoa= oh oh

Whoa, whoa wo-man

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