The Cabinet

Salutations fellow louts and clodhoppers! Horace Popinjay here with another choleric jeremiad on our liliputian state’s brobdingnagian political dysfunction. Once again I have combed the pages of more reputable reportage sifting for the most egregious bilge I can find, and once again I am disappointedly undisappointed.

For though I do prefer an unschooled and benighted public who will swallow my flapdoodle unquestioningly, even my considerable zeal for ignorance has its limits — these being far exceeded by the astonishing asininity of your own State Reps Morgan, Nardone and Roberts, in their recently proposed House Resolution H6070, which would prohibit the teaching of “divisive concepts” such as racism and sexism, on the
grounds that learning about such realities might make students “uncomfortable.”

While I admit that my relish for division and discomfort exceeds most, still I propose than any history curriculum shed of the aforementioned concepts would likely shrink to the length of this column, and be even more useless. But I suppose we should expect no less from the braintrust which last week (and I wish this were a joke) introduced House Resolution H6094, “commemorating the life and career of Rush Limbaugh.” Your tax dollars hard at work. Surely, some education reform is needed — starting with this doltish trio.

With purest disgust,
H.L. Popinjay