The Cabinet

Salutations, louts and bully-boys! H.L. Popinjay here with another edition of The Cabinet, the column which, much like the chocolate cabinets of my wayward Rhode Island youth, is bound to give you a stomachache.

Politicking is a nasty business these days, as evidenced by the recent public spat between The Mayor and The Governor over the teachers’ contract. Whatever one may make of the motivations behind that juicy piece of political theater, we can all agree that Councilman Narducci’s statement, in which he claimed that “raised voices and aggressive behavior will never result in productive change,” was cretinously muttonheaded. Raised voices and aggressive behavior are the only things that ever result in anything at all, particularly in the gormless muck of politicking. Well, that and bribery.

Speaking of bribery, this columnist hopes that the $100 vaccine payments manage to boost our state’s plateauing vaccination rates. Ah, to live in a country that will bribe you to take life-saving medicine! While, of course, continuing to deny access to so much other life-saving medicine. Truly a land of contrasts.
Until next time, I remain hacking Canadian smoke,
Your Humble Columnist,
H.L. Popinjay