The Cabinet

How hops it, ninnyhammers? Horace L. Popinjay here to cut through the turgid summer’s air with a cool breeze of lucid musings. I have recently been on my annual vacation, which here in the year 2121 consists of taking a pill that makes you hallucinate breathable air and sunshine for 17 seconds. I have returned refreshed, reinvigorated and ready to complain about the sordid goings-on in 21st Century Rhode Island.

For walking Don Bousquet cartoon Governor Dan McKee, August has been a month of provoking the ire of the masses. First, he angered non-morons by refusing to institute a school mask mandate, then he angered morons by instituting a school mask mandate. His chief of staff, Tony Silva, is under investigation for failing to disclose a financial interest in a controversial wetlands property, riling the state’s GOP.

And the governor has recently incurred the wrath of this humble columnist, when he suggested that tearing down the city’s iconic Superman Building is “on the table.” Ethical violations are one thing in this state, but messing with a beloved cultural touchstone is quite another. We need the Industrial National Bank Building, Governor — when our beloved state is swallowed by the sea, its spire will be one of the only things poking out above the churning waves.
H.L. Popinjay