The Providence Preservation Society Bash

Bars, the frozen food section, These are all places hopeful singles venture looking for love. Before you create that profile page on, may I make a post-Valentine ’s Day suggestion? Charity events.
It makes sense. Charity events often have a fun theme, and are attended by socially conscious, passionate folks who support a cause and put their money where their respective mouths are. There are usually cocktails and dancing — like a night club for the smart, generous, caring set. And on the off chance you don’t find love, it’s guaranteed to be more fun than a stack of Lean Cuisines at the Stop and Shop.

Now that you are geared up and ready to roll, a great first foray into charity parties is the Providence Preservation Society (PPS) Bash. It’s always one of the best parties of the year and this year’s theme is a “Steampunk Soiree” on Saturday, February 20 at 8 pm at The Steel Yard at 27 Sims Avenue.

“Steampunk has neo-Victorian elements mixed with industrial steam powered machinery, which makes for some pretty amazing outfits,” says event chair Kaitlyn Frolich. “We will also have some great local restaurants (including Los Andes and Julians) providing complimentary small bites for guests. And, let’s not forget about the performances. From fire dancers to aerialists, this is not an event to be missed.”


This year is Providence Preservation Society’s 60th anniversary so this year’s bash is a sure bet to be the best ever.  You don’t have to wear a costume to enjoy the fun, but if cos-play is your thing, steampunk enthusiasts have some of the best and most elaborate outfits you’ll ever see.

So there is people watching, music, dancing, great food and cocktails, and people twirling down from the ceiling —  all for a great cause. And as a place for meeting the future love of your life, it’s pretty much out of a movie. So put on a great outfit, put yourself out there, and meet someone you’ll want to kiss. I truly believe charity events are a great way to meet a potential soulmate. I am particularly partial to the PPS Bash because it’s the charity event where I met the beautiful, brilliant and accomplished woman who later became my wife. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sarah!

General admission tickets are for sale in advance at, or at the door. VIP tickets also available. Ticket sales directly benefit PPS’s mission to improve Providence through its education and advocacy efforts.