The Wait of the World

I’ve been riveted by the breathtaking images coming from the Mars rover Perseverance. And the timing of these images is interesting because perseverance takes up a lot of my mental space these days. Probably because we’re all doing so much of it. We’ve endured a long winter. We’ve endured a longer pandemic. And now shoots and shots are on the horizon. But they’re not here yet. 

We must persevere even as time drags out interminably and remind ourselves that although putting one foot in front of the other often feels more like surviving than thriving, it’s still forward motion. 

And perhaps there are lessons we can take from that robotic creature so far from home. We can remember that patience and Ingenuity reap rewards. Search for evidence of life under the scorched crust of our psyche. And embrace beauty where we find it, even if it feels light-years away.