Locale Profile: The Joint on 6


Sometimes, a spontaneous idea quickly comes together, turning into a successful business model. Christopher Langevin lost his job as a banker in 2014 and was having difficulty finding another position. His wife, Marissa, turned him onto cannabis as an alternative to mental health medications and to help him remain off alcohol. Cannabis became life-changing, and the two discussed opening their own business in the industry.

“We decided to go all in,” Langevin said of starting the business venture. “We didn’t have a location or a real plan, just a desire to succeed.”


They spent days discussing the idea. In August, Marissa came across a high traffic location on Route 6 in Johnston. The building was small with lots of parking. They both knew that this was a golden location and signed the lease the next day. They diligently worked to learn everything they could about the industry. They attended seminars and conventions. They educated themselves on cannabis medical studies and advancements. They found items that were high quality and trendy to stock, displaying them in a warm and comfortable environment. The Joint on 6 opened in October 2015.

The Joint on 6 sells a variety of products, including handcrafted glass pipes, vaporizers, rolling trays and grinders. They stock an array of hip and trendy novelties, and plenty of gifts and clothing. They even have pet products, which include pills, biscuits and oils. Their plan was to display items in an open environment free of glass cases, giving customers a more hands-on experience. CBD (cannabidol hemp oil) products have been their biggest seller thus far. They sell sublingual oil, vape cartridges, gummies, caramels, lollipops and gum.

Langevin says that The Joint on 6 strives to offer a welcoming environment to customers. They welcome questions and are happy to share their expertise with others. They are constantly learning, which helps them become a trusted entity and stay on top of the industry. Marissa graduated from the New England Grass Roots institute a year ago. They go to conferences and events all around the country, including Cannabis Cups (Marissa attend four just last year) and NECANN Boston and Providence, and they were a vendor at the Harvest Cup.

“We want to be a place where people feel at home,” Langevin says. “We want people to feel comfortable enough that they are not afraid to ask certain questions. We want people to feel like they learned or saw something new.”

While the Langevins have worked hard to grow their physical store (with future plans of opening a second store in Danielson, Conn, that is three times the size of The Joint on 6), they have also been developing an online brand that has evolved to become quite a presence. Marissa has been building a strong social media presence since The Joint on 6’s inception. Their Facebook ( and Instagram (@thejointon6) have more than 1,000 likes and 1,500 followers respectively. She has her own Instagram (@ismokeseaweed) that has blown up to having almost 12,000 followers, which only helps to promote The Joint on 6. Marissa plans to launch her own online women’s cannabis lifestyle site on April 20 of this year.

“I can’t stress enough how crucial Instagram and the social media culture has grown our biz,” Langevin says of his wife’s online efforts.

The Langevins take pride in knowing that The Joint on 6 is a reflection of them, as challenging as that may be. They love what they do and are in this business to educate current and potential customers. Langevin says that it’s such a reward hearing the stories of how cannabis has changed the lives of so many people.

The Joint on 6 is located at 2948 Hartford Ave in Johnston. Hours of operation are Sundays 11am – 4:20pm, Mon – Sat 11am – 8pm. Call 401-934-2038 for more information or check them out on Facebook ( or Instagram (@jointon6, @ismokeseaweed).