Tune In & Tune Up: A fundraiser recap

Image via Unsplash.

Tune In & Tune Up, an organization that provides mental health assistance to local musicians and music workers in need, held a successful fundraising concert last month at Ocean Mist. The concert featured The Troublemakers playing The Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East in its entirety followed by a second set featuring multiple guest musicians. Over $4,000 was raised.

Tune In & Tune Up co-founder Don Culp says the packed crowd was sympathetic to the need for mental health related services in the music community.

Culp, who plays drums in The Troublemakers, discussed the considerable amount of time and work the volunteers and committee devoted to make the event successful. He admits that he was a bit nervous the day of the show, as he worried about crowd size, logistics, and the performance.


“Everyone involved pulled their weight and more. We all had our tasks and everyone followed through without hesitation,” Culp adds.

Culp brags about the energy the audience carried throughout the night. The crowd featured a range of ages and everyone present could feel the importance of the movement they were helping to support.

“Hopefully the younger [audience] took away the message and were turned onto some great music of the past from the tribute to the Allman Brothers Band,” Culp muses. “Many of the older folks knew and supported the message and certainly grew up and loved the ABB, they were really into the music.”

The money raised from the concert will be used for their new “Trouble No More” program, which assists the RI music community with mental health services. Some have already started to take advantage of the services offered.


1. Anyone who works in the RI music community, including musicians, stagehands, sound and lighting technicians, bartenders, waitresses, and venue managers are welcome to participate.

2. If someone needs help with any mental health issues including depression, drug and alcohol abuse, or suicidal thoughts, they are encouraged to contact professional licensed therapists via email at:

3. Once contact is made, a short questionnaire is emailed back. The client answers the questions and the therapist sets up the first meeting.

4. Every bit of information is completely confidential. This program is conducted with the same privacy and control as any mental health-related format.

5. Life strategies are worked on and, if more meetings are needed, the therapist will work with the client to continue treatment and help find ways to offset pricing.

6. Tune In & Tune Up pays for the initial evaluation and two additional meetings with a therapist.

“Our therapy team of Mike Petraca and Kate Noveau have already spoken with and seen several clients,” Culp exclaims. “The response has been positive. These two therapists have their hearts in the right place, and truly wish to help people in need. It’s quite beautiful on many levels and I am very proud to be a part of this movement.”

Culp says that the next step is to further spread the word about Trouble No More and help more people in the local music industry. Two mental health professionals have reached out to Culp since the benefit, and he is looking forward to their input and having them on the team. •

For those in need of immediate help, or who are in crisis, please dial 988.

Email for more info and to apply for the Trouble No More program.