Two Tributes of True Love

“And I am going to try to love / And I am going to rise above”

For four decades, Daniel Johnston crafted raw, lo-fi, searingly honest music that simultaneously achieved wide popularity and remained below the radar. His songs set scenes on “My So-Called Life,” “The OC,” “Scrubs,” “Friday Night Lights” and Girls, and the likes of Beck, Mates of State, Spiritualized, and Wilco did their own renditions of his achingly comforting, “True Love Will Find You in the End.” Jolted by Johnston’s recent death, silverteeth (featuring Motif’s own Bill Bartholomew) will host “True Love,” a tribute to the life and imprint of Daniel Johnston. Proceeds will benefit the Hi, How Are You Project to encourage open conversations around mental health.

True Love takes place on Fri, Dec 6 at The Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, PVD.


“The book of love has music in it / In fact that’s where music comes from”

In the landscapes that artist Maggie Siegel paints, the seedheads of dandelions lift into a field, fallen leaves of autumn maples swirl together, and roads, pathways and clearings lead forward. “The act of painting,” she wrote, “allows me to be still with life as it is in the moment, open [to] the unexpected, and communicating in a language that is immediate, expansive and playful.” These characteristics could also describe the Magnetic Fields who 20 years ago released 69 Love Songs. Rachel Blumberg, Josh Kantor, Chris Sadlers, Jeffrey Underhill and friends will pay tribute to this iconic album while raising funds to help Siegel overcome brain cancer.

69 Love Songs takes place Sat, Dec 14, at The Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, PVD.