Undependent: New YouTube series explores the plight of artists

“Undependent” is the new comedic web series about two filmmakers and their journey to produce an epic documentary following their first success. Ray Harrington and Derek Furtado give us an authentic glimpse into the humbling plight of independent artists.  

You may have seen Harrington or Furtado headlining their home club in East Providence, but the two are also nationally touring comedians. One of Ray’s most recent performances was on “Conan” back in February — before COVID-19 graced us with its presence. 

The project premiered at The Rhode Island International Film Festival in summer 2019, and the pair, along with their producer Lee Leshen, were in discussions with a network for development. However, with the pandemic halting productions left and right in the entertainment industry, the decision was made to independently release the series on YouTube. “With all the chaos of quarantine, watching something funny and escaping for a bit has been so important to me and, I know, to a LOT of people,” writes star and director Ray Harrington in a Facebook post. He hopes that the comedic release will offer a bit of levity for people dealing with these difficult times. 


I saw the pilot and can personally say that the narrative truly hits home for all creatives trying to make a name for themselves. The hopeful leads break through the cynicism that comes standard with being an entertainer and do it with hilarity and heart. 

The mockumentary style series was released August 3 on YouTube, and airs on Monday and Thursdays. Edited by Motif contributor Chuck Staton, the project originally released as a 2-part pilot is broken down into segments that are easily digestible for the digital age. The series can be found on YouTube on Ray Harrington’s Channel and at

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