Up and Coming in Cumberland: Vegan and CBD specialties abound at Blackstone Herbs and Coffee Bar

Calling my coffee, tea and CBD lovers out there, there’s a coffee shop you have to check out: Blackstone Herbs and Coffee Bar in Cumberland. This new shop is located on Broad Street and focuses on locally sourced vegan eats, coffee, and small-batch CBD that can be put into their variety of drinks, as well as CBD products you can purchase and take home. 

When you go into the shop, it’s like stepping into a wonderland that’s focused on delicious drinks, specialty food (they have gluten-free options and it’s all vegan!) and a playground all combined. I grabbed a lavender and chamomile iced tea, had them put some CBD in it, and sat in a swing while – not even kidding – flipping through their copy of Motif. While I didn’t sit in the shop long due to COVID-19, the drink was one of my favorite things; the blend was perfect for a warm spring day.  Then I, a person with no chill, felt relaxed and calm after the CBD hit my system. I couldn’t get the shop – or the drink – out of my head, and when I found out more about them, felt myself falling even more in love. 

The shop has four owners (two sets of couples) who met while working at The Cheesecake Factory in Providence back in 2015. They are Eddy and Christian, and Bryanna and Gian. According to Christian they would, “… always hang out after work, dreaming of owning our own businesses.” 


Each of the owners brought something different to the shop: Bryanna and Gian had experience in the hemp plant industry, as well as plenty of exposure with it after traveling the country. Eddy and Christian have traveled the globe, always in search of a good cup of coffee. The two couples combined made a perfect formula for the new shop. 

Against all odds, in summer 2020 (seriously, the middle of COVID!) they came together and decided to take their hard work, experiences, love for what they do, and their friendship to open Blackstone Herbs and Coffee Bar. Christian says, “We knew and believed in each other’s vision and business and came together.”

What makes this shop unique is that not only is it delicious, it’s also vegan AND they specialize in CBD. (CBD being short for Cannabidiol, which is the second most active ingredient in cannabis, but is fully legal). Owners Bryanna and Gian own a 10-acre farm where they grow hemp plants that allow them to make small-batch CBD products. This is the CBD that you can have added to any drink (at an insanely affordable price) at the shop. The two also just opened another CBD store in Providence at the beginning of April. 

Eddy and Christian have been vegan since 2015. Eddy says, “It’s really just become a lifestyle at this point. I’m glad the cafe is completely vegan. We are planning to evolve our food menu as we grow, and we’re excited to share with everyone how great everything will taste!” According to Eddy and Christian, it’s not just about being vegan. “It’s about a making better, conscious choice for the soul, body and mind. It ties to making better choices for the planet, too. By being a globally low impact establishment, not only are our products plant-based, but so is our to-go wear, straws and cups.” They also partner with other establishments to bring in baked goods. They’ve featured items from Blush Bakery and Miss Vegan.

The two couples settled their shop in Cumberland not only because Eddy and Christian have made it a home, but because they felt the area had a need for a café like this, and I’m so glad they did. 

The shop is located at 3 Dexter Street, and while they have no parking lot, street parking is free in Cumberland. The shop is open Wednesday through Sunday from 9 am – 3 pm and you can find out more on their website at or on Instagram at @blackstoneherbsandcoffeebar or Facebook at

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