Caitlin Howle

Dear Rhode Island: Want a pen pal? What Cheer will help you find one.

With quarantine slowing down most of our lives, Jessica David and the What Cheer Writers Club are teaming up to bring back a favorite old pasttime: writing letters. That’s right, drop your smart phone and step away from your email, they’re bringing back old-fashioned communication — and I hope a plethora of gorgeous stamps — […]

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Gang de Filles: A celebration of bad-ass womxn

Don’t even worry, your Saturday plans are booked and they are awesome.  With International Women’s Day coming up (it’s Sunday) PVDLive and La Boheme Noir et. Co, an organization dedicated to hosting “thoughtfully curated events allowing humans to connect,” are joining together to present Gang de Filles: An International Women and Non-Binary Celebration. This is […]

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Write This Way: Readers, writers, story-lovers — you’ve come to the right place

I think the assumption is that to make it as a writer, you have to live in New York or Los Angeles or some old Victorian mansion in Maine where you write about killer clowns. You don’t really think about Rhode Island — but you really should. Rhode Island is experiencing an explosion of writing […]

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Messages from Beyond: Ocean State Paranormal Society raises money for preservation

When most people think of the ghosts of the past, they don’t imagine literal, well, ghosts. The Ocean State Paranormal Society is turning that all on its head with their upcoming fundraising event that will raise money for an historic property, all while giving attendees access to loved ones from beyond the grave.  Founded in […]

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