Anti-Robot, Pro-People: Anti-Robot Club provides an opportunity for creatives while expanding its brand

Anti-Robot Club (ARC) is a community that is constantly looking to expand and provide new opportunities for creatives to display their talents and reach a wider audience. Their tagline states they are “dedicated to the preservation of mankind through a series of social gatherings and creative campaigns.” The marketplaces they host throughout the year feature a variety of vendors who gather to gain exposure, sell their products, and network.

“ARC focuses on how we interact with each other, in a world that is constantly changing,” says founder Spocka Summa. “The brand was made as a platform focused on bringing communities together through creative campaigns delivered via events, visual art, and collectable merchandise.”

ARC officially kicked off in the summer of 2019. Summa put the concept together from the world on which he bases his music. It focuses on a not too distant future where mankind has been taken over by technology. He has a few videos on that theme, and he looks to add more with the currently under development ARC TV.

The Marketplace is a recurring event that happens every third Saturday starting in May. The pop-up started with only three people but has since grown to host 60-100 creatives per month who sell a gauntlet of goods, from art to clothing to knick-knacks to nostalgia to food. The events help build the small business/artist community and strive to provide an evening that highlights creatives with food and music. The Marketplace has been hosted at a few different locations, including Farm Fresh RI, Public, and Fête. They accept new vendor submissions on a rolling basis and try to accommodate everyone; however, their growing popularity has led to a waiting list.

“The community benefits by being able to participate in the exchange of ideas and find new and exciting things made by people from the area,” Summa says.

Summa uses his large social media presence to promote events, bring people together, and gain new supporters, with the ultimate goal of creating a space and time – away from electronic devices – to meet new individuals with similar interests. He’s worked diligently to build the brand, which has benefited him and the artists and small businesses looking to sell their products. He enjoys getting to know all of the vendors and attendees, and the chance to build more than a business relationship.

ARC also hosts an evening event called Anti-Social. The evening combines dancing, watching performances, and networking. It provides attendees with an opportunity to make new business contacts, make new friends, and grow their brand while also having fun and sharing ideas.

“The goal is to offer people a way to look at things from all perspectives when it comes to social interactions in creative spaces,” Summa says. “[And] be known as a company that supports artists and community.”

2023 saw ARC grow and Summa plans to continue that momentum into 2024. In addition to the Marketplace, ARC TV, and Anti-Social, ARC is also developing its own clothing line.

“This year we will also be hosting Welcome to the Anti-Robot Club at the WaterFire Arts Center on Saturday April 13 from 3 – 8pm,” Summa adds with excitement.

Summa is always looking to incorporate new ideas as the ARC brand grows. The future plan is to “expand our audience and offer more creative opportunities and experiences to the community.”

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