Lunar Notes

Forecast Period:  April 30, 2013 to May 5, 2013

Aries:  This week you connect with friends, acquaintances and colleagues.  In that process you make new connections. The bottom line is you are discovering the connections that matter to you. As new folks enter your life some simply fade away.  It is a busy time for you and by the time the weekend rolls around you are into a little quiet, down time.

Taurus:  If you need to make a positive impression, pitch an idea or ask for a raise, this is the week to do it. You are looking good from all angles so don’t let that one particular person toss a wet blanket into the mix and rain on your parade. As the weekend approaches, a special friend lends a sympathetic ear and offers some spiritual guidance. Listen with your heart, not your head.

Gemini:  You’re not your usual self. Your mind is calm and you are digging deep into your emotional make up to find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. The Last Quarter Moon brings an epiphany of sorts as something shakes up your world. Things that you have believed were true turn out to be much different than you thought. The weekend does not offer much time for reflection.

Cancer:  Discussions with friends and loved ones does nothing for your sense of security. When it comes to money you have only yourself to rely on. You can’t count on funds coming through for you from a partner or friend.  All is not lost as you will discover when you begin to connect again with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. You may want to hold off on a serious commitment now.

Leo:  You’re in the spotlight, where you like to be and feel that you belong.  Helpful and influential people further your career and your goals.  All is not smooth and harmonious though, you have to speak your piece, state your case and put your best foot forward.  As the weekend arrives you take the time to soak up the Sun and do some quiet reflection.

Virgo:   The emotional turmoil of the last few weeks is beginning to settle and you are getting back to an even keel.  You have learned that you need to take care of your emotional health as much as your physical health.  Body, mind and spirit have taken on new meaning for you. In your usual practical way you will assimilate all this and going forward will organize things to your satisfaction.

Libra:  The chaos, commotion and instability in your relationships over the past few weeks have touched off some deep soul searching on your part.  Some relationships may not recover while others will forge ahead breaking new ground. Your romantic nature is aroused this week and you may encounter someone new who suits you to a tee.

Scorpio:  Your home base, foundation and sense of security – what it is that makes you feel safe – is put through a test this week.  Lots of conversation going on with significant others, some folks are argumentative while others play the diplomat. You are standing your ground because you are in the pruning process, trimming the dead wood from your life.

Sagittarius:  This is a busy week for you as fresh ideas, new techniques and even new commuter routes keep you hopping from one subject to another.  This is a great time to clean closets, organize space and get yourself into a new productive routine.  Those new ideas prove to be quite worthwhile.  By the time the weekend hits you are more than ready for some down time.

Capricorn:  Practical Capricorn has been spending too much money on fun, games and kids. You have really indulged yourself and now you are tallying up the cost. You can still go out and have fun but you do need to watch the budget. Your creative side comes up with some novel budget solutions. An old friend introduces you to a new love interest.

Aquarius:  You’ve been laying low and keeping to yourself of late but as the Last Quarter Moon approaches you feel like getting out there and interacting with a lot of different types of people. You may even opt to throw a party at your home because you still feel like nesting but don’t feel like being alone.  The weekend brings a meditative mode and what surfaces might surprise you.

Pisces:  You feel like being alone with your thoughts and are not really in the mood for interaction with others.  But as usual life has other plans. This is a very busy week for you. Lots of short trips, an overflowing inbox, pinging text messages and off the hook phone calls; you can’t keep track of it all so don’t even try.  Head out for some music or other form of escape over the weekend, you’ll need it.


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