Motif Pick

Follow Your Nose to Providence Perfume Company

When Providence Perfume Company owner Charna Ethier offered to let me sample an all-natural perfume whose ingredients list included some obscure thing called “ambergris,” I was initially a bit skeptical. I remembered hearing once that they put skunk urine in some perfumes (is that true?). But I was also overwhelmingly optimistic. This was over a […]

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Five Questions: An Interview with Alison Blackwell

  Self-described as a “roller derby girl, budding accordionist, lover of all comics,” Alison Blackwell brings to the artistic table a wealth of eccentricities – none more impressive than her illustrations of people both real and fictional – and her work can be found in magazines and galleries across the state. Dale J Rappaneau, Jr: […]

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Tune in Tune Up

Healthcare for musicians One of the side effects of health care reform is that it’s likely to allow more competition in the plans offered. It makes side-by-side comparisons possible, and allows appeals to the end consumer, rather than focusing on brokered employer arrangements. Right now, RI has three providers of health insurance – Blue Cross […]

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