A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce

55481ADB-E440-42F3-BCA3-A2B899492540Providence has the honor of hosting RISCA Play and Screenwriting Merit Award winner Vatic Tayari Kuumba as a resident — possibly a permanent one, according to Kuumba, who is dedicated to our little state. Kuumba has a prolific writing record — from school newspapers to award-winning rap competitions that send him all over the US. He also is the performance coordinator for AS220 Youth, and is working on a large body of work, in literary installations, for the stage.

Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce,  is the first in a series of what could be 10 productions from that large body that will portray the 21st century from 2000 until just before 2999. About this first movement, Kuumba explains, “A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce is set in an alternate future that parallels our present, where over one thousand people are killed by the police every year, told from the perspective of one of the victims of the state, whose death inspired protest, riots and the formation of a black billionaire super PAC that funnels dark money.”  Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce will run June 7 and 8 at 7pm as part of PVD Fest, and Jun 10 at 4pm and 7pm at the Pell Chafee Performance Center, 87 Empire St, PVD.

FUTUREWORLDS 4: The Goddess, the Cat and the Trap House is a multidimensional performance that begins to tell the intertwining stories of three creatures developed by the young artists at AS220 Youth. As the story goes, each creature of god has played an integral role in destroying what human beings have created: systems of oppression. The evening takes place on June 9 from 5 – 10pm with the main show starting at 8:30pm. The main character of the CAT was created with guidance and support from BIG NAZO LAB.