Album Of The Week: Husbandry’s Fera

a3081562517_16Brooklyn post-hardcore act Husbandry have a chip on their shoulder. With a sound that resonates angst and fury, this quartet can’t go overlooked. They have their debut full-length, Fera, due out on August 25 and it’s an absolute scorcher of an album. Carina Zachary gets ferocious on the mic while guitarist Jordan Usatch’s riffs meld perfectly with the dynamics of bassist Arnau Bosc and Andrew Gottlieb on drums. When it all comes together this band creates a sound that’s uniquely electrifying.

Fera is unrelenting and fearless in song structure and artistic themes. There’s also a bit of melody within each track to go along with Zachary’s growls leading the distorted rhythms. It all comes at you in full force and there’s a thunderous tempo that’s abundant from start to finish. Zachary’s lyrics are a mix of observational and political, with topics such as sexual abuse, police violence and social unrest being covered. There are no apologies with Husbandry’s debut; take it as it is and perhaps you’ll learn something.

Brooklyn hasn’t really been known as a burgeoning hive of punk. Maybe Husbandry and their upcoming release can turn the tide a bit. A lot of things are in flux when it comes to music and the artform is due for a shift. Who knows? New bands might come to the forefront with abrasive sounds that burn a hole in your mind. While we ponder what the future holds, lets stay in the present and dive into my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:


The lead single “So Long, Capricornian Crone” is powerful and emphatic. Gottlieb’s drumming stands out with pulsating rhythms while Zachary’s vocals rise above Usatch’s guitar. “Nature Vs. Nuture” gets up close and personal with loud beats, and Zachary once again shows how incredible her vocal range is. The track with the most groove is “Took A Chance On The Bent Edge” with Bosc’s bass setting the tone. This one will definitely make the body move.

Husbandry will celebrate the release of Fera at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn on August 25 with fellow Brooklynites Bangladeafy, Geometers and Spotlights. They’ll also be coming through Dusk in Providence on September 20. Before they come through PVD, grab the debut album from Husbandry when it comes out on August 25. It’s a spine tingling album that will infect you with unbridled fury.

Watch the music video for “So Long, Capricornian Crone” on Youtube:

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