Album Of The Week: Ian Cat’s East Coast New England Boy

14813681_10100511205078175_1923197609_nAcoustic music at times can be redundant and boring. Hearing the same sound just in different chords can make someone lose interest unless it’s a song that’s absolutely brilliant. Now what if you add different dimensions to it? What if a song has an acoustic base but there are electrifying solos and feedback that pumps up the volume? That’s when you have something special. Massachusetts musician Ian Cat does just that with his upcoming release East Coast New England Boy.

Hints of shoegaze and psychedelic rock flow throughout a record that is anchored by Cat’s acoustic guitar. Each song stands alone in structure and melody while keeping with a unique style that blends two kinds of rock music. There are soft acoustic tones and emphasis from the amplified guitars combining to make something strikingly different. That’s what seems to have been Cat’s goal all along with East Coast New England Boy. He achieves it in stellar fashion by finding his own musical identity.

A few songs are somber ones while others increase in energy and enthusiasm. Overall, Ian Cat’s new album offers a listening experience that’s more of a rhythmic voyage than anything else. After you press play, you won’t be listening to the same kind of song twice. It’s refreshing during a time in music where a lot of artists can find themselves stuck in a formulaic rut. Let’s dig deeper into the variety East Coast New England Boy offers in my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week.


“Purgatory Blues” is a steady pacing rocker that is an excellent example of the upping of energy with raucous rhythms. Cat sings about perseverance and redemption in a song that finishes off with a sweet array of keys and a shredding solo. One of the somber ones is “Twist and Tumble Journey Through The Dark,” a track that has an acoustic base while the cymbals crash and the electric guitar sneaks through at points. With a romantic vibe, “Shake The Sheets” is a love song about intimacy and intrigue. Another solo comes in at the halfway point to add an epic note.

Ian Cat will celebrate the release of East Coast New England Boy with his backing band The Crimsons at the Midway Cafe located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston on October 28. Joining them will be The Knock Ups, OTP and The Furs. Cat and his band have been playing more in Providence these days, so be on the lookout for them at one of the many music venues in the city. When the album is released on the 28th, grab a copy of it. Think of it as a musical trifle with each song having a plethora of layers.

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