Album Of The Week: Psychic Heat’s Sunshower

Psychic_Heat_CoverThere’s a lot of things you can find out about a band when they release their debut album. Beyond their songs, you can hear their standards when it comes to production and how they view their band themselves. With Psychic Heat’s Sunshower that’s currently out, the psychedelic fuzz punks from Lawrence, Kansas, are taking themselves pretty seriously. The new album shreds into oblivion and the tones have this brain-melting quality that tingles the ears. Saying Sunshower is a badass record is an understatement, to say the least.

What makes Psychic Heat unique is their eclectic approach to garage rock that melds jangling rhythms, hypnotic chugs, resonating hooks, hearty grooves and an exuberant amount of riffs. The band goes beyond the three chord style and pushes everything to the limit. Each track has a driving structure that continuously changes. The listener will never get bored once they press play on Sunshower. It’ll relax the mind while sending shocks up the spine.

Psychic Heat is one of many acts that bring the sounds of the past and through putting their own spin on it they make it modern. It’s beautiful and timeless at the same time. To get a more in-depth look at what Sunshower has to offer, check out my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:


“Here Again” leads up with a couple of dueling guitar riffs reminiscent of the swampiness Creedence Clearwater Revival possessed and then the vocals hit for a ’60s pop twist. Unleashing that groove, “Black Radio” moves at a scorching pace from start to finish. It’s an electrifying track that has Psychic Heat exhibiting their full arsenal of musical skill. The bass anchoring “In Two” has a glorious sound, the right amount of deepness and vigor that provides the body for another rhythmic track.

Psychic Heat will be embarking on a little tour of the Midwest starting at The Underground Rockshop in Des Moines, Iowa, on June 21 and obviously after reading this write-up about their fantastic debut people should go to the show. Let’s hope they come through New England soon because it would be rad to see what these guys are like live. Until they roll through your friendly neighborhood music venue, give a listen to Sunshower. It’s awesome fuzz rock that will leave your ears burning.

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