Album Of The Week: Rival Sons’ Hollow Bones

url-3In the 2010s what does it mean to be a rock ‘n’ roll band from Los Angeles? Are LA bands extending the thread of legendary Sunset Strip glam or are they blazing their own trail? What if it’s a little bit of both? Rival Sons has that going on by fusing a vintage rock edge with a modern spin, which is apparent with their latest, Hollow Bones. It’s stunning and electrifying music that comes straight from the heart.

They again worked in the studio with two-time Grammy award winning producer Dave Cobb at LCS studios in Nashville. Cobb brilliantly nails the sound quality. Vocalist Jay Buchanan wails with vigor and authority while Scott Holiday unleashes gargantuan riffs on his guitar. On top of that, drummer Michael Miley and bassist Dave Beste get ultra tight as the rhythm section. This foursome definitely knows how to bring it to unprecedented levels, making Hollow Bones a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

Music is more accessible to listeners than ever before, and when you start exploring you’ll notice that a lot of stuff sounds the same. Either a band is ripping off a band from decades past or they’re ripping off what’s popular. It’s a rarity when you hear something that’s awesome and original. That’s where Rival Sons fall. For a better look, check out my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week.


Starting with an incredible drum solo from Miley,”Tied Up” is a badass track featuring Miley’s pristine skills on drums and a killer guitar solo from Holiday. “Thundering Voices” has a beat anchoring it that doesn’t let up. Buchanan is a madman on the mic as well. There’s a bit of a Pink Floyd vibe in “Fade Out.” It’s a bit jazzy and mellow, but when the chorus hits a heavy dose of power flows through. Along with these select few, Rival Sons do a killer cover of Humble Pie’s “Black Coffee.”

Rival Sons are currently on the road with heavy metal legends Black Sabbath as part of the latter’s final tour ever. New England music fans can see them open the show at the XFinity Center in Mansfield, Mass, on August 25. It’s going to be one of the must see shows of the year, so get your tickets while they last. Until then, get a copy of Hollow Bones. It’s a scorcher of an album that’ll heat your soul.

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