Album Of The Week: Ruby Rose Fox’s Domestic

984065_10100570880842141_1079345658714443185_nBoston artist Ruby Rose Fox fuses charismatic R&B with groovy pop and hints of blues and funk to create an uncanny sound. It’s almost as if she’s the stylistic combination of two scenes that are prevalent in her hometown. Soul and electro-pop music have been popular in Boston’s music scene for the better part of the decade. Her debut album, Domestic, is being released on May 24 and it’s a stunning release. Fox’s vibrato shines and her record has a lot of variety; as each track rolls along there’s always something different being offered.

Indie-pop is a very wide ranging spectrum these days, filled with contenders and pretenders much like plenty of other genres. Fox turns this type of art form on its head with ballads, party starters and hot jams. She’s not redundant at all and each song on Domestic tells some sort of story. By singing about the Cold War in the ’80s, personal struggles or in-depth observations, Fox commands that the listener pay attention to her lyrics as much as they do to her music. It’s a testament to her as an artist who takes pride in being genuine and honest while firing on all cylinders.

There’s something exciting about Domestic that I haven’t heard from other albums so far this year. It definitely has something to do with Fox’s versatility and skill; she doesn’t ground herself musically and it’s evident in her upcoming debut. To keep with the theme of not being grounded, let’s rise to new heights and explore my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week:


The electronic tinged guitar riffs accent “Every Time I Tell” in impeccable ways and Fox wails on vocals. “Bury The Body” has this jazzy reggae vibe and a bass driven beat that’s infectious, the chorus also has a triumphant edge that holds everything together. The track that examines the ’80s Cold War life is “Ronald Reagan Killed the Radio,” a moving ballad with Fox’s voice getting ultra low at points reminiscent of Tom Waits.

Ruby Rose Fox will be celebrating the release of Domestic at The Middle East in Cambridge, Massachusetts on June 3 with New York City rockers Jeremy & The Harlequins and fellow Bostonians Julie Rhodes and Weakened Friends. Make sure to grab a copy of the new album while enjoying what will surely be an energetic experience. Domestic is as homegrown as it is out of this world, give it a listen when it comes out on May 24 and you’ll discover why.

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