Album Of The Week: You Won’t’s Revolutionaries

ca8b813d-a46f-4513-8194-af5a4bf5b9b2Nestled within the depths of the Boston music scene is an electrifying duo, You Won’t, which consists of Josh Arnoudse on guitar and vocals with Raky Sastri on percussion. Their folk-based melodies are evident with their new album Revolutionaries, the band’s follow-up to their stunning debut Skeptic Goodbye that came out in 2012. The album is catchy with Anoudse reflecting on the way youthful outlook evaporates as one grows older. The music is deep and has a sense of observational analysis.

What makes You Won’t different from a typical two piece act are Arnoudse’s and Sastri’s conflicting styles. There’s a Violent Femmes influence from Arnoudse’s fast paced acoustic strumming while Sastri’s skills on percussion are jazzy and nimble. It’s a combination of roughness and elegance that’s frankly uncanny. It takes the timeless loud-quiet-loud songwriting approach in an entirely different direction. The end result is a wonderful album that fires on all cylinders.

Full of infectious hooks and rhythms that bounce around the mind like a ping pong ball in a tiny box, Revolutionaries stands as one of the best albums to come out of the Boston area so far in 2016. Will it make any best of lists by the end of the year? Time will tell, but I personally can’t see why not. Discover some reasons why with my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week.


An excellent example of the fusing of punk angst and the smoothness of jazz is in “The Fuzz.” The chorus is contagious and when it all comes together with the drums and guitar, the ante is absolutely upped. It’s a tad mellow, but Arnoudse’s lyrics really makes “Ya Ya Ya” a prime track. The riffs on his six-string makes it even more enjoyable. “Can’t Go Wrong” brings the angst back with a rigid tone.

You Won’t will be celebrating the official release of Revolutionaries at One Longfellow Square in Portland, Maine, on April 29 where they’ll kick off their tour of the East Coast and the Midwest in support of the album. They’ll also be playing a homecoming show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 6. While you’re at one of their shows on their tour, grab a copy of the new album from You Won’t. You’ll fall in love.

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