Album Of The Week: Zerobot’s Space Age Senior Prom

promWith a sound that continuously pushes boundaries, Boston’s Zerobot has evolved from a cool alternative rock band to  a high-octane act full of energy and vigor with their upcoming release, Space Age Senior Prom. Elements of groovy and poppy surf are all over the album while touches of fuzz and noise keep it raw; you have to love the combination of the smooth and rigid. Poetic lyrics with an emphatic tone from Johnny Malone are the cherry on top of a rhythmic musical sundae — not holding back at all. The local music scene in Boston has been inundated with a bunch of excellent albums this year; Space Age Senior Prom absolutely belongs in the conversation for everyone’s best-of lists when the ball drops.

The heavy dose of edgy pop, Malone’s vocals that hit you like a wrecking ball, and the mind-blowing guitar skills from  Mick Greenwood and Rjan Savary create an excellent album that even the most elitist music snob will enjoy. You’ll feel the dynamics from start to finish; the hooks will grab you and you’ll never want to be free. The intensity of punk mixed with the heart and honesty that you’ll hear from a lot of ’90s acts (Sunny Day Real Estate and Heatmiser come to mind) meld well together in Zerobot’s new album. Add those scorching guitar solos and that’s when you start to hear something magnificently different.

When you watch the news these days you’re bound to find multiple reasons for thinking that the world is going to end. Before basking in the oncoming apocalypse (or maybe not?), brace for the destruction with my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week. It won’t save the planet, but it’ll provide a great soundtrack.


When I first listened to “Unrecognizable” my eyes started to bulge and my ears started to quiver — complete insanity comes from Savary’s and Greenwood’s guitars making for a raucous track. Another ripper is “Get Some Sleep,” but I find the song title rather contradictory. After you listen to the chorus, you’ll be so excited that getting some shuteye will be the last thing on your mind. The title track is a great way to start the album; it’s another one full of awesome guitar riffs, and the chorus will totally grab your senses.

Zerobot will celebrate the release of Space Age Senior Prom on Fri, Jun 12 at The Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, Mass, for what should be a badass show. The bill also has 2014 Rock & Roll Rumble winners The Drax, wall shaking metal gods Gozu and blistering rockers Await Rescue — if that doesn’t give more incentive to go I don’t know what will. When you arrive adorned in your fanciest attire, make sure to grab a copy of Space Age Senior Prom. Take flight with an album that’s bound to take you places few have gone before.

Stream the title track “Space Age Senior Prom” here: