Album Of The Week: Sidewalk Driver’s My Face

faceBoston’s Sidewalk Driver has been raising the ideal of glam to whole new levels. With a sound that mixes the styles of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie, power pop pioneers Big Star and early ’80s arena rock, this eclectic act has a knack for being catchy and exuding a contagiously fun vibe. At times you’ll be cutting a rug and there will be moments where you’ll be a headbanging inferno causing a ruckus. With impeccable quality from track to track, Sidewalk Driver’s My Face is kicking the year off just right for the music scene in Providence’s neighbor up north.

Along with the heavy tones of glam and pop, you’ll notice tinge of doo-wop come into play when frontman Tad McKitterick and rhythm guitarist Kate Murdoch join forces on vocals. It makes for a hip-shaking sound that makes listening to My Face a must. Powerful riffs from Murdoch and lead guitarist Jared Egan, along with the seismic skills from drummer A.J. Locke, are bound to leave a lasting impression. Being around for nearly a decade, you can tell that Sidewalk Driver has a syncopation that rivals the most seasoned of music vets to resonate vibrantly tight rhythms.
This is the time where I suggest you grab a pair of headphones. Why? Because you’re probably reading this in a cubicle somewhere and I don’t want you to get fired for what you might do. Call me psychic, but you’re probably going to listen to my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week at full blast. Don’t bother your boss, you can do that later today.
I dig the bluesy guitars on “Five Steps,” and McKitterick’s story about a crazy after=hours experience with a certain female gives this track a true sense of sexiness. The sheer rock ‘n’ roll of “We’re Going Down” is bound to get you jumping. Speaking of jumping, that beat on “Call My Name” will get your heels clacking on the floor in no time.
Sidewalk Driver will celebrate the release of My Face at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass., on Jan 17 with fellow Bostonians The Organ Beats, Worshipper and LeoLeo. If you’re in the Boston area, hit this up because it’s bound to be one hell of a show. While you’re at the soiree, grab a copy of My Face. It’s glittery, glamtastic rock ‘n’ roll that will excite and amaze.
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