All the Dates, Please

Whether you are single or coupled this year, Kenza’s Delights is guaranteed to give you the best date of your life on Valentine’s Day, and I mean that most literally: chocolate ganache-filled Medjool dates, dipped in Belgian chocolate, served in a heart-shaped box with a side of flowers. This sweet treat outclasses the typical box of chocolates by blending Moroccan tradition with French patisserie techniques for exquisite flavor wrapped in love.

Kenza Bargach, the owner, has an unlikely story: a native of Morocco with a background in financial auditing built a food business from scratch in Rhode Island during a pandemic. But one of her passions has always been dessert-making, and before joining Hope and Main in 2021, she took classes in Morocco for cake design and French pastry. She applied those techniques to one of her culture’s most prized foods: the date.

The Medjool date is the “king of dates,” due to its superior flavor, consistency and size, and is used as a token of great hospitality, from everyday house guests to royalty. In fact, as soon as a bride and groom in Morocco have taken their vows, they are immediately gifted dates and milk to begin their new life as a married couple.


Therefore, this is the perfect gift for a special person in your life (or let’s be honest: I bought a box for myself) because you’re guaranteed a “date to remember” with Kenza’s Delights.

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