Album of the Week: Woods’ Love Is Love

Woods' Love is Love
Woods’ Love is Love

With the current political and social situation in the United States sparking fear and division, numerous musicians and bands have been speaking out through their music. In an effort to process what’s happening in the era of a Donald Trump presidency while offering a therapeutic outlet, Brooklyn indie folk act Woods released their 10th album Love Is Love via the band’s label Woodsist on April 21. The record is an urgent response to the tumultuous 2016 presidential election and it gives hope in a bleak landscape. Each track offers something different musically, and the album also showcases vocalist and guitarist Jeremy Earl‘s excellent songwriting.

Woods’ latest release presents a message of unity and triumph, and that love can conquer all. Earl’s soft and smooth voice brings more meaning to each song lyric. There’s a theme to the album that is greater than the album itself or any singular track within it. A ray of sunshine is coming through the cloudy day that is America in 2017. The album is confronting hate, misery and sorrow in brilliant musical fashion.

Love Is Love is one of many releases that have political undertones that, in today’s climate, are hard to ignore. Just look around: When you walk on the street, pick up a newspaper or log on to the internet, you’ll find something that doesn’t seem right. That something will make you want to speak out and that’s what Woods is doing with their new album. For a closer look, lets check out my top tracks off of the Album of the Week.


Earl’s voice starts off “Bleeding Blue” in mesmerizing fashion with saxophonist Alex Spiegelman and trumpeter Cole Kaman-Green taking everything to new heights. It’s an anthem for love and peace in times where every aspect of life is uncertain, combating despair with uplifting positivity. “Lost in a Crowd” is a dreamy pop track that features John Andrews‘ excellent skills on piano, organ and a Wurlitzer. It also calls out the current political climate on lies and deception. With a psychedelic vibe, “Spring Is in the Air” is a bit jazzy with an extended structure that seems like it’ll never end.

Woods will be rolling through the New England area for a couple of dates at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Mass., on July 2 and at ArtsRiot in Burlington, Vt., on July 5. If you get the chance to go to either show, please do. Earl and the gang are amazing live and they’re definitely worth checking out. Before they take the stage at your friendly neighborhood music venue, grab a copy of Love Is Love from Woods. It’s a wonderful record from an act who are visionaries when it comes to DIY culture and musical harmony.

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