Album of the Week: The Two Tens – On Repeat

On Repeat by The Two Tens
On Repeat by The Two Tens

Along with being the home for the majority of today’s pop music garbage, Los Angeles has become the epicenter for the 2010s garage-rock explosion. The Two Tens are a fiery duo from the City of Angels that can cause a ruckus. Their sophomore release On Repeat is coming out Aug 18 via Man Della Records and it’s a banger of an album. Guitarist and vocalist Adam Bones oozes endless swagger while Rikki Styxx brings the thunder on drums. Together they create a rad sound that’s intense and harmonious.

As each track rolls through, On Repeat pummels the eardrums with powerful beats and electrifying riffs. There are elements of surf and ‘60s pop that singe the garage-rock heavy tones. Both Bones and Styxx are unapologetically up-front and unrelentingly emphatic. Even the songs that ride the chorus more are still amplified and noisy. Nothing lets up in the album and there are no generic fillers: What the listeners hear is what they’re getting.

It must feel a bit weird for older music fans to be in an age where two-piece rock bands are the norm. They probably still ask “Where’s your bass player?” every time they see one live. I personally don’t care as long as a two-piece act can bring it as loud as a trio or a quartet. With On Repeat, The Two Tens definitely make good on that. To see how solid these guys really are, let’s take a look at my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


The title track is a charismatic love song that absolutely shreds with the chorus being bound to stick in your head, dare I say it, on repeat. “Keeping Hope Alive” is one of those songs that leans toward the pop realm; Bones and Styxx also provide stellar harmonies. Distorted and dirty, “Not Alright” is anchored by Styxx’s drumming while Bones yells on vocals; it’s very angsty and it’s just what your pissed-off friend, or self, needs after a rough day.

The Two Tens will be ringing in the release of On Repeat with fellow Angelinos Go Betty Go and The Katellas at The Satellite in the bands’ hometown on Aug 16. They’ll also be doing a pay-what-you-want on-line celebration through StageIt! on Aug 20. Hopefully they come through the New England area sometime soon. By Aug 18, grab a copy of On Repeat: It’s an album that surely lives up to its name.

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