Album of the Week: The Monsieurs – Deux

Deux by The Monsieurs
Deux by The Monsieurs

If there’s anything that the 21st century has taught us about music so far, it has to be that bands with unconventional lineups often pack the most punch. The White Stripes, The Kills and Death from Above come to mind. In Boston, there’s a garage punk band known as The Monsieurs who don’t look like your typical rock ‘n’ roll trio but they surely know how to get amped. Their second album Deux was released Dec 1 via the Reno, NV, label Slovenly Recordings, and it’s unapologetically raw and extraordinarily intense. It’s a beautiful style reminiscent of the rambunctiousness of The Stooges and the swagger of The Ramones.

Frontman Andy “California” Macbain, who also has a respectable solo career along with being in fellow Boston act The Mardi Kings, is totally wild on the mic. Drummer Erin King brings the thud without sitting down, while guitarist Hilken Mancini shreds riffs that sound like they’re from the depths of hell. There’s a devil-may-care attitude and a captivating party atmosphere. A no-frills approach is evident. Each song on the new album has the power to melt brains and excite nerves.

Usually with a band like The Monsieurs, there’s always at least one music snob who’ll ask the question “Where’s the bass?” If a band is loud enough, then they most likely don’t need a low end because no one’s going to hear it, anyway. There are also different pedals and chord structures for the guitar that can make up for the lack of a bassist. Saying that this band from Boston is loud is a gross understatement. Turn it up to the max, wake up the neighbors and tune into my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


King’s seismic skills on drums shines in “Suburban Girls,” while the crashing of the cymbals and the consistent beats provides a backbone; the chorus is bound to get stuck in the head with an old school pop aesthetic. “At The Hop” is bound to bring a dancing sensation with fast-paced rhythms and endless amounts of energy. An excellent example of the swagger and rambunctiousness is “High School Star,” where Macbain is a screaming maniac while King and Mancini add to the coolness with their drumming and guitar playing.

The Monsieurs don’t have any shows announced at press time, but they did rip it up at Great Scott in Allston, MA, on the night of Deux’ release with fellow Bostonians Nice Guys and Earthquake Party. They often play the Providence area, so be on the lookout the next time they roll into town. For now, grab a copy of the new album. It’s a rabble-rousing banger that’ll make you go crazy.