Album of the Week: Pickwick’s LoveJoys

LoveJoys by Pickwick
LoveJoys by Pickwick

Seattle soul-rock act Pickwick has always been about capturing a vibe. The band exudes infectious charisma that makes their music shine. Their sophomore full-length LoveJoys due out on Jul 7 via Small Press Records enters a disco funk realm that finds a groove. It’s a tad different than the raw essence of their 2013 debut LP Can’t Talk Medicine but there’s evidence of steady artistic progression. This sextet from the Emerald City manage to maintain a special pizzazz when it comes to their sound despite the change in direction.

Produced by Erik Blood who is known for his work with fellow Seattle act Shabazz Palaces, LoveJoys has a romantic aesthetic about it. It’s an album that you can either dance to or have playing while you turn off the lights and get close with your significant other. The vocals of Galen Daston really make the record special with his impressive range; Garrett Parker on bass, his brother Michael on guitar, Kory Kruckenberg on vibraphone, Cassady Lillstrom on keyboard and Alex Westcoat on drums also provide stunning musical versatility. While listening to LoveJoys, it’s hard to believe that Pickwick originally started out as a folk band.

The importance of lyrical structure in a song is extremely misunderstood. A song could be catchy but it also could be annoying. If the words are just gibberish, then why should the listener care? Pickwick’s lyrical structure is effective on multiple levels. Let’s explore their structure and much more with my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


“Turncoat” has both Parker brothers bringing the funk on bass and guitar. The chorus has an abundance of harmony that sticks to the senses. Another funky track is “Thought It Was You,” also an excellent excellent example of the romance being conveyed. Lillstrom has a big presence on the keys in “Light It Up (Let It Burn),” the anchor for a rhythmic track that has a chorus hooking the ears in.

Pickwick will kick off their North American tour in the West at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, WA on Jul 27. Notable stops include the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Jul 29 and the Valley Bar in Phoenix, AZ, on Aug 20. The band will eventually venture into the Northeast playing Great Scott in Allston, MA, on Oct 17 and the Mercury Lounge in New York City on Oct 20.

Grab a copy of LoveJoys: It’s a stellar album that sparkles like a diamond.

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