Album of the Week: Lina Tullgren – Won

Won by Lina Tullgren
Won by Lina Tullgren

Lina Tullgren is putting a different spin on the singer-songwriter style. The 23 year-old from southern Maine strums an electric guitar with a deep tone that forms a signature sound. Ty Ueda contributes his talents on organ and guitar to compliment Tullgren in stellar fashion while Petey Mclaughlin provides the foundation via percussion. Tullgren’s debut LP Won is coming out Sep 22 via the indie label Captured Tracks, and it’s a wonderful representation of her artistry. There are ambient hints and sonic feedback that command the ear’s attention and never go overlooked.

The theme in Won is inspired by Tullgren’s love for New England in the summertime and her experiences from being raised in the region. There are infectious melodies and pleasant notes in each song on the record. Some songs are lo-fi rockers while others lean towards dream pop. Tullgren’s lyrics are very poetic and her songs convey harmonies that stick in the mind. It’s a fantastic introduction to a musician’s career that holds a lot of promise for the future.

What’s really intriguing about Tullgren’s debut is how it releases emotion without depending on intensity to do so. The album gets messages across but it’s also not trying to shove them down the listener’s throat. It makes for a different musical experience that hits upon various thoughts and feelings. How does it evoke that experience exactly? Let’s try to uncover the answer to that question via my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


There’s a downbeat that consistently provides a rhythm on “Fitchburg State,” and Ueda’s chords on lead guitar add a rising sonic dimension that leaves a lasting impression. “Summer Sleeper” is one of those tracks that has dream pop sensibilities in the way Tullgren’s guitar sound has a bit of an echo that makes it stand apart from the other songs. A lo-fi jam is “Static Burn” that has the vibe of a bedroom recording that’s organic and genuine.

Lina will be ringing in the release of Won at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA, on Sep 26 with Tredicci Bacci, Mega Bog, and Sitcom. She then has a bunch of shows happening over the next few weeks so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on when she’ll be coming to your neighborhood music venue. While you’re waiting, grab a copy of the album when it comes out on Sep 22. It’ll give your music taste buds a dose of originality.

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