Album of the Week: Alice Ivy – I’m Dreaming

I'm Dreaming by Alice Ivy
I’m Dreaming by Alice Ivy

Australia has always had interesting music coming out of it. The country/continent has a very strong garage rock scene along with peculiar pop artists and they still worship ‘90s post-grunge act Silverchair like they’re The Beatles. With all of this going on, a new act is rising up from down under and it’s Alice Ivy. She brings a blend of trip hop, soul and electronic with hip hop tendencies in her debut album I’m Dreaming that came out on Feb 9 via the Australian label Dew Process. It’s stunningly authentic with a variety of samples to convey an old school vibe.

Ivy first tried her hand at music by playing the clarinet and it didn’t go as well as she hoped. She then turned to making beats and in turn she got the knack for creating hot jams. Her debut album is the culmination of an incredible talent that holds a lot of promise. It also has a wide-ranging appeal with hip hop purists, Motown soul enthusiasts and your typical hipster – all bound to enjoy what Ivy has to offer. There’s a contagious rhythm that’ll take hold of the senses once the ears are plugged in.

Another thing that makes Ivy’s debut awesome is a saxophone sneaking into a few tracks. There’s a jazzy tone and a distinct coolness that comes with it. I’m Dreaming is a rejuvenating album that’ll impress even the most pretentious of music snobs. It’s something new that has roots in music’s past. That’s what makes it great, so let’s see where the greatness comes from and take a look at my top tracks off of the Album of the Week:


There’s a heavy dose of neo-soul and hip hop on “Be Friends” that has Cazeaux O.S.L.O. & Tim De Cotta alternating between both styles; what makes the track unique is that the beats are coming off of an atmospheric dream pop foundation. “Get Me a Drink” featuring E^st and Charlie Threads is the anthem for anyone who has experienced an awkward night out: The song has a hypnotic build up to an emotional chorus that’ll get the body moving. The samples are excellently exhibited during “Charlie” with a vintage aesthetic shining from start to finish.

She’s going to be embarking on a tour of Australia that starts at the Hudson Ballroom in Sydney on Feb 17, but hopefully Alice Ivy will be making her way to the States at some point this year. One can only imagine the party she brings when she’s performing live. In the meantime, get yourself a copy of I’m Dreaming. It has a groove that resonates a state of bliss.


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