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Davis Alianiello

Constellations Under the Stars: Wilbury’s latest play takes the new WaterFire stage

“Once you do a play like that, it’s basically in your bones, so it all just came back,” says Wilbury Theatre Group artistic director Josh Short of Nick Payne’s Constellations. Wilbury is teaming up with WaterFire Providence to remount and reimagine the play, originally produced in spring 2019, as a COVID-safe, drive-in experience. Constellations is […]

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Russian Trolls: Workplace comedy-style podcast explores foreign meddling in US elections

“Americans are easy to troll, because we’re so dysfunctional,” says the writer and creator of the new narrative fiction podcast “Russian Trolls.” The self-proclaimed “useful idiot” has chosen to remain anonymous: “I’m a little worried that Vladimir Putin is onto me, and is planning to poison me.” Presuming there are no agents of the Kremlin […]

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McManus Brothers Sound Off: The Block Island Sound draws the filmmaking duo home

“Everyone knows what Block Island feels like in the summer, but in the winter it’s like a Stephen King set, just a spooky place,” says Matthew McManus. “It’s cold, every house is boarded up, every tree is barren — it has this wonderful, eerie quality to it. We just fell in love with it.” Matthew […]

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Staying Home: TNRI helps renters struggling to pay

“During a global pandemic I don’t think people should be kicked out on the street, and I don’t think people should have to pay rent debt,” says Olivia B., an organizer with Tenant Network Rhode Island (TNRI). This new community organization focuses on tenants’ rights and provides mutual aid for households struggling to pay housing […]

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Scandalous Conduct: An exploration of an entrapment scandal in Newport

“The Newport Navy Scandal is something we stumbled on a couple years ago very randomly,” says Matthew Lawrence. He and his partner Jason Tranchida are creating an art project, Scandalous Conduct/Newport 1919, around this remarkable episode in Rhode Island history, which encompassed, as their website declares: “An Episcopal minister. 41 navalrecruits. A zealous newspaper editor. […]

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Artists to the Rescue!: Local designers make personal protective equipment

“My mom happens to be an epidemiologist, and she sent me an N95 mask back in January, so I had an idea this might get bad,” recalls Matt Muller, co-founder of the inflatable art and design collective Pneuhaus. Pneuhaus creates installations for events, so once their schedule began to be cleared due to COVID-19 cancellations, […]

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An Ode to the Analog: The Linotype Daily project is part diary, part news filter and completely perfect

I am at DWRI Letterpress, and I am standing in front of a Linotype, the first automatic typesetting machine — a machine that Edison called the “Eighth Wonder of The World” — and over the whirring, clanking and spitting of its 3,000 moving parts, Dan Wood is explaining why it’s so wondrous, or in his […]

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Black Americana on Display: URI Arts and Culture presents “We Shall Overcome!”

The URI Arts and Culture Program presents “We Shall Overcome!” an exhibit featuring both commissioned art and historical artifacts selected from Onna Moniz-John’s collection of Black Americana. The exhibit, which runs through February 27, is free and open to the public, and can be found on the first and second floors of the URI Feinstein […]

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A Story to Tell: Funda Fest celebrates storytelling in its 22nd year

Funda Fest, the annual celebration of black storytelling presented by Rhode Island Black Storytellers (RIBS), will take place throughout the state from January 25 through February 2. The Festival is in its 22nd year. “‘Funda’ means ‘to teach and to learn’ in Zulu and Kiswahili,” explained RIBS co-founder and executive director Valerie Tutson. “We got […]

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Art Imitates Life: 210-year-old drop curtain depicts a PVD moment in time

“I call it a curtain, but it’s, of course, a drop scene,” says Richard Ring, deputy executive director for collections and interpretation at the Rhode Island Historical Society, as he unveils the broad swath of fabric. “This would have been dropped onto the stage between acts.” The recently restored curtain shows a view of 1809 […]

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