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Joanna Detz

Something Stinks: ecoRI’s environmental news roundup

Racist Remarks Sink Raimondo’s DEM Nominee Gov. Gina Raimondo’s nominee for an important post that offers a $130,692 salary for settling disputed permits and penalties had little environmental law experience to recommend him for a job, but Thomas A. DiLuglio’s nomination was yanked only after it was discovered that had posted racist content on his […]

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How Is the Planet Faring?: ecoRI news roundup

The World Is Not Their Oyster Right NowWith restaurants shuttered because of the COVID-19 crisis, Rhode Island’s oyster farmers are facing market collapse. “We sell 98% of our oysters to restaurants in Rhode Island and New York, and when they closed, our sales dropped by 98%. That was certainly eye-opening,” said Jules Opton-Himmel, co-founder and […]

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The Planet Is Sick: Where do the coronavirus and environmental issues meet?

Whatever Happened to the Climate Crisis?Back in early February — can you remember that far back? — the climate crisis was drawing public (and mainstream media) attention, and environmental activists were planning for the 50th Earth Day celebration scheduled for April 22. Then came COVID-19, and the global pandemic took up all the oxygen in […]

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ecoRI March News Roundup

Medical Waste Cooked 24/7 in West Warwick A proposed medical-waste-to-energy processing facility in West Warwick would operate around the clock, heating human blood, pathological waste and syringes to 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit (using a process called pyrolysis) to generate electricity. The net power generated would be sold to the regional power grid. Blood-powered Netflix, anyone? The […]

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