Where The Wild Things Are: Adam Anderson & the wonder of our living world

If you’ve ever taken a stroll by the Providence River and found yourself enthralled by a field of sunflowers glowing in that golden summer light, then you’ve experienced the wonder of Adam Anderson, director/founder of landscape architecture studio Design Under Sky. Since 2016, the sunflower field, known as 10,000 Suns, has grown on a parcel […]

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The Nature We Build Around Us: A conversation with Connor Burbridge of Nuts & Bolts Nursery Co-op

With hopes that March melts February’s freeze and April’s showers again bring May flowers, Motif’s Sean Carlson interviewed Connor Burbridge of Nuts & Bolts Nursery (374 Farnum Pike, Smithfield), a cooperative housed at the permaculture nonprofit Revive the Roots. Opened in 2021 as a worker-owned nursery specializing in edible perennial plants, Nuts & Bolts is […]

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Strides toward Sustainability: Zero Waste PVD takes initiative to mitigate RI waste issues

At Zero Waste PVD, volunteers collaborate to reduce excess waste by focusing on activism, policy development, and legislative work. They host reusable bag giveaways, and recruit handy volunteers to sew reusable bags, and advocated for PVD’s plastic bag ban. Deborah Schimberg, chairperson of the organization, explained that the group strives to minimize the problems of […]

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