John Fuzek

And Now for Something Completely Different: John Cleese talks about decades of making us laugh

Okee dokee folks… Back in the early ’70s, I was part of the first very fortunate generation of Americans that discovered “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” on late night TV. It was the funniest and most original program that I had ever seen. My friends and I would watch it whenever we could and recreate the […]

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Tammy Pescatelli to Appear at the Greenwich Odeum

Okee dokee folks… I first heard of comedian Tammy Pescatelli a couple years ago when I stumbled across her comedy special, Finding The Funny, on Netflix (originally on Netflix, now on Amazon Prime and iTunes). This stand-up comedy video featured Tammy’s sarcastic and witty way of finding humor in day-to-day life. She is also of Sicilian heritage and often […]

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The Roots Report: What the Folk? Don’t miss these folkin’ shows, folkers!

Okee dokee folks… The other night I headed up to Plymouth to catch the Larry Burnett/Rick Roberts’ show at The Spire Center for the Performing Arts. Roberts and Burnett were the main voices and the songwriters behind the band Firefall (“Strange Way,” Your Are The Woman,” “Just Remember I Love You”). A couple of months […]

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