Dog Days of Summer

As summer quickly approaches, excitement grows: beach and adventure weather is upon us, and the good vibes brought along with the sun are soon to be in full swing. Humans are not the only group excited for the upcoming season — dogs are just as excited, if not more. With squirrels, treats, and long walks on the horizon, dogs can’t wait to hit paws to pavement and get out and about this summer. Here are some RI dogs that can’t wait for summer! 


Age: 7

Favorite Thing About Summer (FTAS): Going swimming at the beach

Obi (Obi-Wan)

Age: 6

FTAS: All the bunnies and groundhogs are out…I go feral for them!


Age: 4

FTAS: Going for a long hike in the woods


Age: 11

FTAS: Falling asleep in the sunlight


Age: 5 1/2

FTAS: Going for long walks and snagging dropped ice cream cones on the street


Age: 4

FTAS: Going for summer walks and acting like a tough guy

Minnie Bacon

Age: 12 (13 in July)

FTAS: Chasing birds and squirrels, taking boat rides, and relaxing on the hammock


Age: 12

FTAS: Going on walks, chasing squirrels, and going on car rides


Age: 6 months

FTAS: Since this is Nami’s first summer, she’s excited to go swimming for the first time!


Age: 1 1/2

FTAS: Napping and sunbathing during the summer months, preferably next to his mom