Justin Hutchins

Explore the Loire: Try one of these summer sippers during your staycation

The Loire Valley wine region starts at the Atlantic Ocean and reaches into central France. It is most famous for Sancerre and Vouvray. While great examples of each exist, for the most part, the most expensive and least interesting wines imported into the US are going to be from these two appellations. Luckily, there are 67 other […]

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Forging a New Path: Campus Fine Wines discusses shifting their businesses during the pandemic

Campus Fine Wines is owned by two couples, Howard Mahady and Natalie Butler, and Andrea Sloan and Vin Scorziello; Howard and Andrea both brought years of experience in the wine industry to the local liquor shop. Campus is the place to go to find the coolest bottle of wine you didn’t know about, whether your […]

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Bubbles!: A handy guide to becoming a toast master

Sparkling wine can be separated into two categories: Champagne and everything else. Champagne only comes from Champagne, France, located about 2 hours east by car from Paris. The wine can contain chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. The region boasts centuries of wine-making, but sparkling Champagne’s popularity only began in the mid 19th century.  Many wine […]

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The Pet, The Boring, and The Just Right: Is finding a tasty glass a fairy tale?

Goldilocks would be all too comfortable navigating today’s wine lists. “Most of these are too boring,” she would think. Occasionally, a tiny little wine bar brings a different reaction. “These wines are all the somm’s pets. They are too strange.” Alas, Goldilocks by now learned not to give up easily (this is of course years […]

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Rosé Colored Glasses: Pink stuff for porch drinking

It’s rosé season. The popularity of the pink stuff now transcends the wine itself, with clothing, cocktails and events dedicated to the rosé lifestyle. Much of this can be tied to the success of Whispering Angel, from Chateau d’Esclans. Started by a former Bordeaux property owner, Chateau d’Esclans first made headlines more than a decade ago […]

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The Oregon Trail: Caravan to your local liquor shop for a pinot noir from Oregon — covered wagon not required

The first flowers sprout from the ground, and our thoughts turn to lighter fare and wine.  Pinot noir, with bright cherry fruit flavors, light body and purity, creates perfect synergy with everything spring. One failing of pinot noir, however, lies in the value the grape offers. Thin skins, small berries and tight bunches mean tiny yields and […]

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