Thoughts from an Old Barfly

Back in the day, if you could drink all night into the wee hours and still stand up; you wore a badge of honor. You were a “man” with a hollow leg and everyone wanted to hang out with you. You went merrily on your way; drinking was a big part of your social life. No matter the venue, booze was your buddy. Some nights you ended up shit-faced, some mornings with a pounding head and a mouth that felt like the Dry Tortugas. Some days you called in sick because you were too hung over to make the job. Worst case scenario you sobered up one day and said, “WTF? I’m sleeping in my car.”  No home, no phone, no money, no job.

Alcohol is a drug. Abuse of that drug is called alcoholism. Disease or not, alcoholism is progressive. That hollow leg transitions into a hollow ankle.  What can you do? Be aware. Be aware of how much you are drinking.  Google the symptoms of alcoholism. Don’t bullshit yourself. Chances are you’re not bullshitting the folks around you. Take off the rose-colored glasses and take a good look at your drinking habits.

Going forward, drink moderately and responsibly and have compassion for those who don’t.