Blooming Artisan – DIY Floral Arts and Botanical Crafts

Botanicals2In a DIY era, there’s one that hits the mark on creativity: Blooming Artisan. When I met the owner and creator, Jennifer Guerin, at Hope Artiste Village, I was quite curious about all the greenery she had displayed housed in fine glass containers. She explained that her muse is botanicals.

Guerin created a DIY venue where you can create beautiful botanical works of art, including wreaths and bouquets, to take home. In this crazy, busy, never-have-time-to-meet-up with friends/family/co-workers world we live in, she has created a wonderful social environment to connect and have fun where no previous experience is required. Fantastic!

Her events are held at Hope Artiste Village, and she offers public or private personalized get-togethers. She’s also willing to travel to you! After learning about her business, I signed up immediately on the website, where I was able to select from many themed events. I invited some co-workers to come along and voilà, the creativity began.


Our session focused on arranging and planting succulents, thickened and fleshy plants that usually retain water in arid climates or soil conditions, in a curved glass terrarium. The cool part? I added a mini orange dinosaur to my oasis along with colored sand, moss and transparent glass pebbles. The materials were all supplied and we received excellent step-by-step instructions. Questions? No problem. Jennifer and her assistant Ellie gave us individualized attention. The learning process was most enjoyable as we listened, learned and chose from a variety of plants, rock foundations and decorating additions that matched our individual personalities. While we socialized, met new people and laughed, we got creative, not even realizing our own potential. We were gardeners for the evening as our little eco-environments were created. Did I mention we snacked on supplied popcorn and beverages? Awesome! Jennifer invites gardeners to bring their own bubbly and snacks, too. Bottom line? It was a blast! My co-workers have their terrariums in their offices and we all smile about the experience we shared.

Visit or contact Jennifer directly at or 401.663.7124 for a true eco-friendly garden experience.