Brew News for the City of East Providence

I have some great news for the craft beer lovers of East Providence! A new brewery called Crook Point Brewing Company is currently under construction and will be the first to open in this small town of mine. The name Crook Point comes from the Rhode Island drawbridge that joins the city of East Providence to Providence.

I had the honor of getting some of the deets from the brewery owner, Ernie Watson. With family roots in the city, Ernie felt that it was the perfect location for his long-sought-out dream that started in 2017. The brewery originally was planned to open in October of 2021. Because of COVID-19and other issues, the progress was delayed.

Ernie saw this as an opportunity to focus on the building and “get things right.”  Located on Massasoit Avenue overlooking the Seekonk River and with views of the East Side, Ernie described this as a beautiful spot. The brewery has two outside areas. There will be a portable tap unit patrons can rent for  outside events. The taproom itself will have eleven craft beers to choose from. There will be food trucks, take out from nearby restaurants and a limited on-site food service. The brewery is collaborating with a local bakery to also provide speciallIy tailored food items, a different daily menu and seasonal specialties. 


The beer menu has not been created yet –Ernie is interviewing candidates for the brewer position.  He explained, “My plan is to create some of the more obvious styles, but there is an enormous underground storage facility that I plan on using as a barrel aging location.” Ernie stated that he was influenced by a trip to the town of Porto in Portugal. He was amazed at their methods of making port wine. “They carve out a cave on the side of the mountains and store barrels and large vats of port wine. I am hoping I can use the space in the same way.” 

The brewery plans to have entertainment based on what customers want. There will be a piano in the event space for patrons who want to play. Ernie shared a story about this: “I had an HVAC contractor doing some work and when he saw the piano he sat down and began playing like Mozart. I was floored.”

What does Ernie want craft beer lovers to know? “I think they will truly love the environment. I want to have good beer, create a space where people feel comfortable and are able to spread out and mingle while not confined to a small table. It will be a place where they can enjoy themselves, make new friends, bring family, children, and friends, and hang out.”

The plan is to be open 7 days a week with extended weekend hours. I am personally excited about this, as a nearby resident. I am sure I will be a regular. I will keep you all updated as I get more information about the beers, brewer, and opening date. (Tentatively scheduled to open in May-June).

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