Burgundian 2.0: Waffles and beyond

We’ve been following the Burgundian since they first appeared in Rhode Island and Massachusetts’ breweries and beer halls with their life-changing liege waffles — I even went so far as to offer my hand in marriage to anyone who donated enough money to their GoFundMe campaign to name a waffle after me — and now the Burgundian has expanded their menu beyond waffles to include “well-traveled street food.”

Shane Matlock, the owner and waffle-coffee-beer-street food visionary, spent time overseas and is, himself, well-traveled. For years his dream has included a brick-and-mortar restaurant where he could bring together specialty coffees, craft beer and international cuisine that attracts adventurous people who love good food and good company (in both quality and quantity: the definition of a “Burgundian”). 

Although the Burgundian restaurant is still under construction, located in Attleboro, their new menu is available for takeout every Thursday-Saturday. Some of the must-try items include the Peruvian Pork Sandwich (described by Chef Oliver Williams as “a cross between two of my favorite sandwiches, the Bánh mì and the Cuban,” with crispy pork belly, pickled red onions, chiles, sweet potato puree and an Aji Creole sauce) and the Navajo Fry Bread Tacos — which, as a native New Mexican, I can speak with authority when I say they are perfection. The vegan version, made with jack fruit, will even fool you into thinking its meat. 


The food truck will be back in the warmer weather, but for now, keep an eye on Instagram for local brewery popups where you can find their waffles (sweet and savory), and visit their website to order from their full menu. 

At a time when most of us are all armchair travelers, we can still satisfy our international craving, Burgundian style.

Instagram: @weareburgundians; Website: weareburgundians.com


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