Newport Playhouse Begins The Cabaret Comedy Club

The Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant is known for a few things, including a quality buffet, an intimate theater and (surprise surprise) a cabaret. They’re looking to expand their repertoire to include showcasing some of the best stand-up comedians in the area for a continuing monthly series called “The Cabaret Comedy Club.”

Rob Greene is a Rhode Island comedian who will be producing the comedy series and performing in it. We talked about the idea and their upcoming first show, which will take place on Thursday, July 19. “I’m really excited to bring top-notch comedians to such a perfect venue for comedy. The cabaret lounge has a low ceiling (literally), but the talent that we’re bringing in has a high one. They may not be household names, but they’re some of the best comics working today and this is such a great venue to showcase their talents. These shows are not to be missed,” Greene threatened.

I booked Rob Greene recently when I headlined The Comedy Connection with my comedy partner Brad Rohrer. Greene did not disappoint, and he was an essential addition to our show. Greene has been a staple of the Rhode Island comedy scene for some time, and does a weekly show called ROFL House Comedy at the Belmont Club in Fall River, Mass, with his co-host Andrew Williams.
“Ray Harrington, who headlines our first show, is one of the best ‘under the radar’ comics in the country. No two of his shows are the same. Tom Dustin is our second headliner on August 16, and he headlines shows all over the country. We were lucky that each of them had room in their schedules. Our opening acts are chosen from some of the really great local talent New England has to offer.”


Greene’s right. Booking Ray Harrington for the first show in the Cabaret Comedy Club series is the right move to set the tone. Harrington is a widely trusted comedian on the East Coast. He headlines clubs around New England regularly, and he’s released two albums with Stand Up! Records, where he’s labelmates with Hannibal Buress, Lewis Black and David Cross (among many others). Harrington’s first album, The Worst is Over, debuted at the top of the comedy charts on iTunes, and his most recent album, Overwhelmed, debuted at Number 1 on Amazon and the top of the Billboard Comedy Charts. Harrington’s documentary Be a Man won the LA Comedy Festival and was featured as New and Noteworthy internationally on iTunes, and was eventually bought by Hulu. I asked this critical darling how he felt about headlining the first show in the upcoming Cabaret Comedy Club series.

“When I was asked to do the show at the Newport Playhouse, I was really excited.” Harrington insisted. “I’ve heard great things about the venue, and I think that what they’re building for a comedy series is great. I love performing in Newport, and the comedians on this show are some of my favorite people to work with. I can’t think of a better way to spend a too hot night in a too hot month of a too hot season.”

The Cabaret Comedy Club will begin on Thu, Jul 19 with Marie Forster, Rob Greene and Ray Harrington. Tickets are available at