Chuck Staton

Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s Pop Up Heads to Trinity Beer Garden for RI Comic Con!: Rhode Island Comic Con brings the fictional restaurant to Providence to celebrate the largest Clerks cast reunion to date

21-11-03 – Mooby’s P Starting this Thursday, Mooby’s, the fictional restaurant set in Kevin Smith’s View Askew-niverse, will be in Providence for RI Comic Con! The iconic pop-up will set up shop in Trinity Beer Garden right by Kennedy Plaza, just around the corner from RI Comic Con. Mooby’s was originally featured in Smith’s Dogma […]

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Silver Screen Scene: These film screening sites leave traditional theaters behind

Rhode Island is no stranger to big film events. But if you do a little digging, there are several off-the-beaten-path options where local cinephiles can celebrate celluloid on a consistent basis. From Hollywood to Hope Street, mainstream movies and local films alike can be found screening around the state on the regular with these organizations […]

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Rhode Island Animators Unite!: Rhode Island Independent Animators Shorts to be screened in Jamestown

On February 6, the first screening of Rhode Island Independent Animators Shorts will take place at the Jamestown Arts Center, and according to curator Brian O’Malley, it’s “going to be epic!” “The screen is of a cinematic scale — big!” exclaims O’Malley. “The focus of this series of screenings is to bring short animated films […]

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How Many More Shopping Days? Your guide to last-minute shopping for loved ones

‘Tis the season … for an overwhelming sense of terror when it comes to gift-giving. What does my brother-in-law even like?! I guess I saw him play basketball one time three years ago… Did we give my dad wireless headphones last year? Is Aunt Margaret even still alive?? The pressure and those questions are all […]

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Veganism is here to stay

If you consistently take part in RI’s vibrant and eclectic culinary scene, you’ve probably noticed that over the years there has been a steady increase in plant-based food and eateries populating the landscape. I talked to a few of the area’s most notable vegan and vegetarian restauranteurs about the push toward a meatless existence. Karen […]

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RI FOOD FIGHTS Brings Competitive Cupcakes to the Creative Capital

“The Rhode Island cupcake community is competitive and very vocal. Everyone has a favorite and no one is afraid to talk about it. Loudly.” Jim Nellis does not mince words. Well, he didn’t in that sentence. He does occasionally mince words. Okay, he often minces words. After food-fighting, Nellis’ number one talent may actually be […]

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